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About Natalie

Welcome to my blog, friend! My name is Natalie Stanton and I live in New York City with my husband, Wesley, dog, Malcolm and two cats Cody and Muppet. We live in the clouds figuratively and literally (we are on the 49th floor) where we never take for granted warm beautiful sunlight, amazing city and river views and majestic Hudson river sunsets, often enjoyed with a cup of tea and sometimes when we are lucky a friend.

I have always enjoyed challenges and trying new things. In what feels like a past life, I studied electrical engineering in sunny, Los Angeles and studied law in NYC. The natural course at that time was to combine the two fields and work as a patent attorney, as you need a degree in science or engineering to practice as a patent law. So I worked endless hours at a large law firm for about three years and I am grateful for that experience. I had always been focused on working hard to make money as a philosophy to support myself. At some point, however, my social life and desire to be happy demanded some attention. I started thinking about and seeking out things that would make me happy. And, a huge career change into real estate happened. During the transition time I also enjoyed selling dresses on the Internet and adopted my loyal sweet yorkie, Malcolm.

Soon after, when I started working full time in real estate, I met my husband. I am a lover of love so meeting my husband was the most important benefit of my career change. Luckily, we have been relatively successful and this has allowed me time to continue seeking out what I enjoy. As someone who didn’t have a lot of free time because I was always studying or working, at times it has been quite difficult to figure out what I do enjoy. It also has been a challenge to be present in these wonderful moments to experience all the joy and allow the happiness to flow through me. But, I have been practicing and getting much better.
This blog will be a creative outlet for me and document and discuss this practice. I hope it will be about joy, beauty, creativity, gratefulness, health, compassion and love. I am on a journey to become more mindful and to find and experience as much of the above mentioned as I can in life. I believe creativity is an expression of the divine and I hope to connect more to that by creating and sharing happy experiences here. So in creating this site, I will seek and share all of the things that I love. I hope you find some joy here as well.