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A Full Heart and Uterus

We hoped and prayed and spent over 100K. We’ve lost more than once at this fertility game and in many ways. For some people having a baby is as simple as a roll in the hay. For us, we had to travel to hell and back. Back…is the key word. We are back and comfortable enough to announce that our first baby A BOY! is due at the end of December. Our hearts are full and so is my uterus.

Ultrasound 10 weeks

At 10 weeks this little genius was already sucking his thumb. He can’t wait for Santa to come.

On April 12th, 2014 we finally put the pieces together and got it right. We transferred our last genetically normal frozen embryo and then traveled to Bushwick for some farm-to-table cuisine at now one of my favorite places, Northeast Kingdom. Before dinner, we took a short spring stroll full of cautious optimism and marveled at the spectacular graffiti all over the walls of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Maybe it was the local duck that I consumed or the pharmacy of drugs my fertility doctor had me on, but something magical happened and we finally made a baby that stuck around.
20 weeks pregnant in Bushwick

My bump, my fur baby and me. Photo by: Stylish and Hip Kids Photography.

So, at 20 weeks pregnant and feeling some kicks, just a few days after our anatomy scan confirmed everything was still looking good, we headed back to Bushwick to take some photos of my bump in front of that fantastic graffiti to capture this exciting time, with the talented Marilliana Alvero of Stylish and Hip Kids Photography.
Now that I am feeling better and things are moving in the right direction, I feel happy to share some of my story. In the future I plan to post a bit about our struggles for anyone that is curious and hopefully help some people dealing with similar issues. I did a massive amount of research to get us to this point and I would love to share what I learned. I also think sharing our heartache is a wonderful way to connect and isn’t finding connections what it’s all about? But, then I hope to leave this all in the past and enjoy what the future will bring. We, however, are forever changed.
20 weeks pregnant in Bushwick

Just checking to make sure he is still there! Photo by: Stylish and Hip Kids Photography.

Surely, I would love it if I could speak of the upcoming birth of our child with just pure joy. I would love it if I didn’t have to mention that it was such a struggle for us. Or, that I am still worried at times. But, that is not our story and that is ok. Every day that I am pregnant I am grateful and every day that we get a step further from the fertility battle I fill with more hope that – yes – this is actually happening and the darkness and uncertainty is starting to fade.

What is certain is this baby boy is so very wanted and we cannot wait to meet him and love him with all our hearts.



Fit, Fab and Fly at the 92nd St Y

My favorite part of being part of NYC’s blogging community is going to events and making new friends. This week Brianne from Stroller in the City was nice enough to invite me to her Fit, Fab & Fly event at the 92nd St. Y and I had a fantastic time.
It was a day of fitness, beauty and fun! Guests were able to try a Chaise Fitness class, enjoy healthy food and have their nails and make-up done by Priv.

I signed up for a noon Chaisse Fitness class co-founded by mother and daughter team Lauren and Rachel Piskin. I have not been exercising too aggressively lately so when I walked into the class — which looked more like Christian Grey’s infamous playroom with all the ropes, chairs, pedals and spiky balls (not that I read that book…of course), than a typical exercise class — I have to say I was a little intimidated. Once the class started, my apprehension went away and I had a great time. It was 50 shades of fun! The workout was great because it didn’t feel like it was very difficult as I was doing the exercises. I know, however, from the sweat that was dripping and my body parts that were shaking, I was getting a great workout. The music was upbeat and so was the instructor/co-founder Rachel, who also was nice enough to come help me make adjustments when needed. Also, the ropes and contraptions made for a really interesting work out; I definitely was not bored. I love that it was low impact, had some really interesting moves and felt like it could really get me into shape. If there was a Chaise Fitness near my apartment, this is definitely a workout I would do all the time. But, I’ll have to settle for once in a while since I have to travel either to their Chelsea or 92nd St. location.
After the class, I was able to enjoy a refreshing Blue Print Cleanse Pineapple Apple and Mint beverage that really hit the spot and have my make-up touched up by Steven Adams, a make-up artist from Priv.

I was so happy to learn about Priv because I have been looking for a company that would do blow outs and make-up at my home or wherever I may need them. Their prices are totally on par with going to a salon so I can’t wait to use them in the future. Steven did a great touch up and I was all ready for my lunch date with a friend at the Standard in the Meat Packing District where I headed after the event and also had a lovely time. Lunch just tastes better after a fun workout and with great makeup. Below is a photo of me cruising down the Westside Highway showing off my Priv make-up touch up.


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